The future is here in this video and it’s got robots. The coolest new robotic assistants and other insane inventions lasses that work like Tony Stark’s cutting edge VR tech, and the cutest parking lot robot you’ll ever see. Let’s see what these machines can do before they take over the world.

1.TCL RAYNEO X2 (399$)

If you’ve ever wanted to feel like Tony Stark but without having to save the world look no further than TCL rayneo x 2 glasses are augmented reality meaning you can finally meet your AI girlfriend IRL. I’m sick of regular reality, so I’m happy to have an augmented one. These glasses have automatic language translation, navigation and picture taking features. I hope they have pokeymon go too. But these glasses you’ll see things other people can’t. It’s like schizophrenia, but only the good parts. You can take pictures with them , which totally doesn’t sound creepy. And best of all, while you wear them. You’ll look like Rachel Maddow.

2.YEELIGHT CUBE (75.99$)

Day in and day out all I can think about is how sick I am of regular old lamps. Why aren’t these lamps cube shaped I say ye light has answered my prayers and delivered us a cube shaped smart lamp . Now these are not your grandma’s lamps. These bad boys can stack change color and sync with music your grandma would pass out. You can stack these up like a Jenga tower , build a wall and make a room to cry in so many possibilities.


Have you ever wanted to fly go to space or talk to women ? Those are all unrealistic goals except in virtual reality. The HTC Vive XR Elite is a game changer. It’s next gen VR technology that does everything better. And you don’t have to make a stupid meta account worth every penny. Usually when I use a VR headset, I break my nose walking into a wall or can’t figure out how to get back to regular reality and get trapped forever in the vortex of cyberspace. With advanced motion tracking and room scale technology probably saved this time. So to recap, reality is the one that sucks and virtual reality is where I can meet my AI girlfriend’s parents. They’re making lasagna.

4.JBL BAR 1300X (1700$)

I don’t know about you, but when I’m watching movies, I want the volume up so high that anything under 50 pounds has to be bolted to the floor to keep it from flying into space. If your eardrums aren’t bruised after watching a movie did you really watch a movie ? I want to hear every word note an explosion as if it were happening next to me. I’m not saying the JBL bar 1300x can do that. But I’m also not not saying that it can do that. It’s got a ton of crazy features that you science or something to make the audio from your TV sound clear, loud and surround you. It would be really creepy if you were watching a scary movie.


Parky is a little robot designed to automatically connect to an electric vehicle and recharge it. It’s also so cute and I want to put a little hat on it. The idea here is that you park an electric car in a normal parking space and parky will come over and charge it for you. It looks so sweet. I bet he charges your phone to if he asked nicely, and it was his job at all. But I wonder if it hurts him to have his life force sucked out and put into a Tesla? Well, I guess I could ask any Tesla employee to find out parking would be like a service animal if we fed service animals to vampires. Okay, he’s a big battery on wheels. I need to calm down.


This one’s for you Apple lovers out there. Sorry androids you can wait in the car with your favorite music until we’re done . Anyway, if you’re tired of fighting people for power outlets to charge three Apple devices at one time, try the charge tree go. It charges your iPhone, your air pods and your Apple Watch all at the same time. If only it could recharge my grandma’s pacemaker rest in peace but that’s her fault for having an Android pacemaker. Anyway, when you’re done with it, you can fold it up and put it away. Just like my grandma.


you hate the way tap water tastes or you’re in the zombie apocalypse and trying to survive on your own. Either way, drinking from the filtered larq bottle is like drinking from the fountain of Aphrodite, or so I’ve been told, Hey, I’m happy as long as it doesn’t taste like it’s been an OLED pipe for the last decade. The larq bottle literally filters the water as you drink it from the straw. It removes impurities like chlorine and heavy metals giving you water purer than a nun’s thoughts. It saves you from using disposable bottles. And this way you can reuse your bathwater. We actually don’t do that unless it’s from a gamer girl.


Speaking of cute robots, any chance I can download my AI girlfriend into this one and Just kidding, I already put it in a smart refrigerator. AiO is a smart robot designed to do dangerous or dirty human tasks freeing up time for us to watch the news Sharknado or talk to our smart fridge. eo is intended to be a security system, a delivery system and even a human caretaker. Just don’t let them fall in love with another robot . I’ve seen that movie before. He might not have a pulse, but he’s still equipped to care for a roomful of grandmas. And let’s be real, he can probably drive better than them to.

9.AIPER ELITE PRO (799.99$)

Cordless robotic pool cleaner. Let’s keep going with the cube robots. The APO Elite Pro is a cordless robotic pool cleaner. I was wondering when they make an underwater robot vacuum cleaner. If you have an AI boyfriend just download him into this little gadget and you just DIY your own sexy pool boy just a little more robotic. It’s a miniature version of the drones they use in the military, but instead of making messes it cleans them up. And probably can’t clean up your pee. So you should probably stop doing that. And you should stop lying about not doing that.


This is like a cordless robotic vacuum cleaner. But for outside. This thing sweeps your lawn isn’t most, which is so considerate. You can control it with an app and it has GPS monitoring so you can find it if it gets stolen or sneaks out to go to a party. It’ll probably freak out your pads just as well as it Mo’s and whatever you do, don’t let it loose in a large field. It could grow too powerful, too smart too evil. And listen, you don’t want to start the robot uprising do yeah.

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