The Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki explained a very interesting concept. He calls the Cash flow Quadrant, he says there is a thin line between the rich and the poor. Those on the left side of the quadrant work for money, because they need security, while those on the right side of the quadrant work for freedom, so they don’t have to work hard their entire life.

Here are   4  assets


Do you know what it costs to start a YouTube channel ? Absolutely nothing is free. And have you ever learned something cool from a YouTube video? Everyone has. We are all good at something. Some of us cook very well. Some love making others laugh, and some are computer geniuses. So why not use your knowledge and skills to help people struggling with something you are good at. And if your skills are really sought after, you will have enough subscribers in no time and YouTube will pay you. You can even start generating ad revenue. Similar is the case with all online assets. Be it online courses, websites, blogs, and even your social media pages. Once your online assets start earning you enough money, you can even create a business out of it. upgrade the content higher people to work for you, and even join affiliate programs to add to your income streams.


Have you heard the saying a happy client is a referring client. This small saying speaks volumes about why developing a personal brand or goodwill is crucial to the success of any business big or small. While doing good work can get you early success. A few
recommendations from your clients can completely shift the paradigm for you suppose You start a catering business , every party you cater to enlarges your network, because if the guests like your food, they will call you the next time they have a party. Therefore along with delivering quality, you also need to think of ways to market yourself. You can’t wait for success to come your way. You need to let people know you are behind all that good work.


We’ve all heard the phrase Time is money. Do you know why it came into existence? According to economists, time is the most precious resource of humankind. Money comes and goes. Most NFL players become bankrupt the very next day they earn their first million dollars. But time once gone, never comes back. Your young age is your best asset. It allows you to take more risks, because you still have a long life ahead of you to earn back lost money. But once you enter into old age, there is no looking back. Therefore, making the maximum use of your time is essential to retiring rich, the person who starts saving and investing from the age of 20 will amass much more than a person who starts at the age of 30. Even the Oracle of Omaha Mr. Warren Buffett advises people to start young. Another way of making the best use of your time is to upgrade your skills. A standard five day work week leaves you with two days to invest in yourself. You can either while at away movies, bars or hanging out with friends, or you can work on yourself. Start a side hustle upskill to get a promotion at your job, or even follow a passion. Who knows what life changing turn any of these could lead your life into. At the end of the day, wealth in any form creates a safety ring around you and your loved ones. The true meaning of being wealthy is no matter how the world economics change, you stay protected.


While utilizing your time well is more of a mental endeavor. Being physically fit is much needed to accomplish all of your goals and ambitions. Most of us don’t care for our bodies at a young age, we eat junk food, unhealthy restaurant food, consume on recommended levels of alcohol, or even smoke a few cigarettes, we feel that we have worked really hard and that we deserve some slack. Then we go back to our jobs all happy, ready to earn more money, so you can do it all over again. Before we realize it, we end up getting trapped in this cycle. Not only do these unhealthy habits eat into our current earnings but they also leave us with huge wealth eroding medical bills into our old age. Instead, if we invest in our bodies and do regular exercise, we can not only work more and earn more, but we can live a long and healthy life with our family and loved ones.

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