Digital marketing is the selling and promoting a product  services or content through the use of the internet and modern technology.  Digital marketing is similar to traditional marketing with a few key different  digital marketing, for instance, tends to Cost Less  especially if you’re selling a digital product.

Where’s the digital marketing  Not only cost more,  but typically you also have to pay for infrastructure costs such as physical storage  another massive difference  In this might be the most important thing is that digital  marketing is incredibly measurable when it comes to digital marketing   you know what your return on investment is for your ads  with traditional marketing   

Think about it  if you’re running an online ads you can easily track that data.  Where as if you put up a billboard it’s very difficult to tell whether  that’s actually going to move the needle and make a difference in your bottom line.  So not only is digital marketing more measurable but it’s also a lot more  predictable and this means that Much easier to scale your business if you rely  on digital marketing.    Rather than traditional

Another difference is   that digital marketing tends to change often.  For instance  the way Facebook ad for run 5 years ago is completely different than the way they’re run now  And so in order to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and digital marketing  you have to be actively practicing it.  Well  as traditional marketing for the most part stays the same overtime  of course   there’s always going to be a little differences here and there  but for the most part  it’s been pretty much  the same for the last fifty two a hundred years.  According to a study by 99 firms and 29 team content marketing  which is a type of digital marketing has a lower cost  of about 62 per cent against the practice of traditional marketing While being able to generate three times more leads  and they were able to generate these leads faster and more   Predictably.

According to a study by smart insights in 2020  more than half of the world is now active on social media  the world’s population is 8 billion.  So that mean Over four billion  People are currently on social media.  That means billions of people are using different search engines  like Google or social media websites like Facebook or Instagram.  Now, there are many different types of digital  marketing.

1. Social media marketing.

This is   the use of social  media platforms   to interact  with potential  and existing   clients.  This type of digital marketing  is powerful  when a business finds a way to create  a trend or to be viral through a public event or through the influence of famous people.

This is also commonly Referred to as content marketing. 

2. Search engineĀ  optimization

This process requires a website owner to create  changes in and out of his website to increase his or her website search ranking.  This allows people to organically find a company’s website  and there are websites such as that are  valued at hundreds of millions of dollars just from the free traffic  they get from people searching Google  this is another relatively slow way of getting clients but again  it increases brand recognition as well as trust and if you stay out of her long enough  you can get a steady stream of people who find you through Google.  And then you can retarget those people with ads 

3. Search engine marketing (SEM)

This is where you pay search engines like, in order to show your ads for  people  searching for a particular terms.

4.Email marketing

This is where you craft emails to send to your customers in order to advertise  discounts or products and services that you  want to let them know about this type of marketing  has an insanely High  return-on-investment mini estimate that for every $1 spent on growing, your email list.  You end up making over $30  and companies hire people to write the copy in these emails,  designed the banners for the emails as well as track the data.

5.Digital advertising.

This is where   you might see   an ad  on a social media  platforms like  Facebook  or YouTube.   These ads can be  incredibly annoying but you have   to realize  that the only reason that companies can offer free services  such as YouTube is because of the fact that they have these ads,  as you can imagine, digital marketing is an incredibly valuable skill  set to learn companies have been spending Less  on traditional marketing and more on digital marketing the last decade and that trend is likely going to continue for the foreseeable future. This is  one of   the most   valuable skills  that you  can possibly  learn. 

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