Hey everybody in this blog  I’m going to show you exactly how to appeal a Tiktok ban. But make sure that you follow all steps  until the  end. So it shouldn’t make any mistakes in this process.  if you have one of your Tiktok accounts banned  then what you need to do first is to simply like create a new tiktok  account, but  don’t need to create a new tiktok  account if you already  have multiple tiktok  accounts  because you will  need to have a another Tiktok  account to be able to get the old one back.

First  click on the three lines in the top right corner,  and then click on SETTINGS AND PRIVACY then we need to scroll down  And now we need to click where it says REPORT A PROBLEM  So click on report a problem just going to load here.

now  what we need to do is  click on the right side at top  penal pepar symbol And then once again, click on the penal and paper symbol in the top right corner.

As you can see, I’m now taken to this page right here,

In here  we can actually be able to get our Tiktok account back, you need to write something like this to Tiktok

just write your account username suspended wrongfully, please bring it back again. You can also like right maybe why you think that the account was suspended wrongfully, you can just explain to tiktok as much as you can.

That way your account should actually get back on tiktok again. And then when you’re done, just click where it says submit, just going to take a little bit of time.

And as you can see, your feedback is submitted.

And that means that it will actually go straight to the Tiktok customer service, and they will look at your message and then they should actually reply back to you in about one to three business days. Just so you know, sometimes it can actually take longer  longer  or  will probably reply back to you with like a message that you want to have some proof that you actually own their account. So if you have some proof that you actually own the account that  got suspended, then send everything that you have maybe some screenshots before when you  created an account or something that made can actually prove that .

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