1.ComfyAir(199$)   2.Almoway Composter (240$)   3.Mojo Vision    4.ioCube (89$)   5.Loop Micro Mount (45$)


comfy air is   here. The ultimate window air conditioner. This is  a really  great air   conditioner for apartments and smaller  spaces.  Say goodbye to complicated AC systems and slim gyms and hello to just  throwing this in the  window.  It’s dual control heating  and  cooling and super easy  to install. Take  it out of the box, put it in the  window and  just   plug   in the power cable. You can put   it either vertically or horizontally.  And if you  don’t have a  window   no worries,   you can still install it  benchtop style. It operates whisper quiet. Comfy air claw design allows for super  stable  installation   attaching to a window   without  any risk of   damaging the walls or the window, you can still open and close the window.  It  doesn’t   stop   your natural   ventilation  from   operating,  very  electrical   efficient   and shipping  starts   in October  2023.

2.Almoway  Composter (240$)

Almoway  Composter   means no more garbage trouble  no  more smells or   messes. Alma way turns your food waste   into compost at the touch of a button. This is so simple to use.  Simply put  your garbage in, hit a button and  let it   do  its work.  It’s compact   weighing only nine kilos, completely   dishwasher safe and with the  K M and O for Nano activated carbon filter. All   odors are  absorbed   before  they  can   get out and the carbon filter  lasts   over two   years  making it so efficient. Most   filters need to be replaced  every   few months. Imagine  just putting in your food   scraps, pressing a  button   and  having nutrient rich soil   produced  for   your  garden. So   earth   friendly and it doesn’t allow any  bacteria   to   be produced with a   built in  UVC   light. The Elmo   A   comes in two   colors black   or  white  and shipping  started   in  March 2023.

3.Mojo  Vision

Mojo   vision is the   first AR   contact lens  which is a new   prototype  from Mojo.   This is  an   incredible unit that provides such  big   tech in such a   compact unit.  It’s a hard contact lens with a mini display.  an AR m zero   processor is  built   with a   five  gigahertz   module. It  has motion sensors,  eye   tracking and proprietary   wireless   technology   for content streaming. The display  resolves at   14,000 pixels per inch with a diameter   of less than half   a millimeter.  The  pixel has a pH  of 1.8   micrometers  it’s the smallest and densest   display   in the world.  Mojo works   with a   streaming   computer  that  is worn around  the  neck. The   neck computer  is extremely  low latency   and   uses a  special   protocol that communicates   to  he  lens. The  lens  it  self   has the lowest power consumption. It’s  more  efficient and  faster than Bluetooth LE. It won’t be able to  stream from  a   smartphone   or  from the  cloud   just yet, but it will in the future.

4.ioCube (89$)

IO Cubeis   a  fun robotic   module  that requires   no coding  no wires  and  allows  everyone  to  learn about electronics. You don’t need to know anything about complex wiring or  have  a  design background.  To  use  these.  All  you   have to   do is use the  fun drag  and drop interface or   light logic based programming to be able to  quickly create   your own  application  on the cube. You  assemble the cubes   while  building  the program  completely  custom  and  totally  modular. The Cube comes with so many components if you want to make a remote controlled car or   interactive  game  or  even  make an art installation. All cubes have   RGB  components and laser rangefinders remote controllers and interactive sensors. It’s powered up by  three AAA batteries and an eight by eight LED matrix and it’s completely controlled  by a single core Wi Fi module and has Bluetooth five LE.

5.Loop Micro Mount (45$)

coming at  you as the loop micro Mount   It may  be micro but  it’s mighty  and a  very  strong  bicycle phone mount it can be fixed  or  removable.  It’s a direct  mount  made   by the  team at loop that helps you attach your phone on  the   bike in a snap. Unlike other phone mounts, you don’t need a special case and it fits all mainstream phones.  It  also bends into  your current  bike so it doesn’t look out of place. It only takes a minute to install. All you have to do is remove the stembolt and capped and insert the micro MOUT you can install it in two modes either fixed or removable mode removable mode there are some easy accessories from loop that lets you  easily  switch them out between bikes loop have hit their Kickstarter goal and shipping starts in September 2023

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