Being a youtuber nowadays is a job that requires skill and knowledge. Because after youtube’s 2018 rules, many people have refrained from opening youtube channels. On the other hand, there are people who have created beautiful inventions and posted them on youtube.

What was the law?

A Youtuber has to meet 3 main requirements to be able to earn money from his youtube (Enable Monetization).

1. The posts (videos) uploaded to youtube are your own.
2. A video from youtub must have 4000 hours of views in a year.
3. Must gain a thousand subscribers or more in a year.

This means that all three criteria go hand in hand. 4000 hours of views and more than 1000 subscribers are required in said year. However, it means within a year’s interval, not necessarily within a year from the time of opening. 

So many people want to get benefits quickly and run away from this requirement because they think it will be harder to meet. But if we did something special and interesting, our video would go viral and we might be able to meet these criteria and become a user within a few months. Although the number of youtube users in our country is increasing, but few people are becoming successful. 

How much revenue is generated from Youtube?

There is a way to calculate youtube Money called CPM. CPM is 1000 views from your video ad. CPM varies from country to country. For example, the CPM in Ethiopia may be 1$ or 2$. European and American versions can be $5 or more. In short, if 10,000 (ten thousand) people watch your video and 5000 of these people see the ad, You may earn between 5$ and 15$. Here, if you want your CPM to be high, you need to gain followers in developed countries.

Youtuber ‘Pewdiepie’, who has more than 100 mill subscribers, earns more than $100 million a year. Hope Entertainment, a company that buys or distributes songs by artists, earns an estimated Rs 23 million annually.

How can such a large amount of money be made?

To earn such a large amount of money, you need patience in the beginning. Secondly, you need the ability to create an attractive good job. Thirdly, you will need to know and apply the rules of youtube well. the last one requires you to take your position from money and create new jobs and innovations. If you do good, the money will come for itself. YouTube also encourages people to do good.

If you can do all this, open youtube and start now. Otherwise, your chances of success are slim. Keep this in mind.

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