Some big  news Youtube  just announced a huge updates to the YouTube Partner program.   That lowers the requirement  that smaller channels  need to start  earning money

Right now on YouTube. There are currently 10 main ways to monetize your videos.  The most popular methods being things like AdSense Channel  memberships in Super Chat. 

I think the old monetization options that you have access  to really fall under two main categories


What about the share is super important for you to know


Refers to modes of monetization where content creators earn revenue through brand , collaborations sponsorship,  paid promotions and advertising placements. 


Refers to modes of monetization where creators earn revenue  directly from Their audience  typically through methods like donations memberships in March. 

Now, here is why it’s important because starting today   as long as you have 500 subscribers and 3 public uploads in the last   And either 3000 Watch  hours in the past year or three million shorts views in the  last 90 days you can monetize your content through fan-funding    this means that your viewers can now send you superchats become  a paid member of your channel.  High merch directly from your YouTube channel and more.  This is great  Like that’s not a bad deal at all but this is where the  catch set because you’re not going to get AdSense yet to get ad Revenue,  you still have to meet the same requirements  as before

so in  short starting to literally right now,  as long as you me all these requirements that I’m throwing up on screen

You can monetize your content through fan funding.  I know some people aren’t little disappointed by this.  Personally, I think Chris should always have access to fan-funded is your fans.

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